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Subject: The Adventures of Chet Pectoral - Book 2 - Chapter 3The Adventures of Chet Pectoral
Book II
Chapter 3
June Chet sat in a chair waiting. It had been 2 weeks since his initial
entry into Control. Now his training was about to begin. He was Lolita Models nervous,
but excited too, he finally had a job. A purpose and a goal to achieve.
It was so nice.
As usual, he was naked.
In the room were 5 other men all were totally naked but only Chet
was hard. They sat in a semi-circle and in front of them a rectangular
pedestal, behind that was a desk and behind the desk was a white board.
Chet’s perpetual hardon sticking up against his stomach. It was an
interesting mix. Chet was hairy, incredibly muscular with big pecs and
nips and ripped abs. His hair was short now, sticking up everywhere. It
made his body look even bigger than it normally was. As large as Chet was, the man next to him was even bigger. The man
on his left had to be 6′7″ and 300 pounds of muscle. He had never seen
anything like it. The man was white and did not have a hair on his body
except for his eyebrows. His Lolita Models shaved head glistened under the florescent
lights overhead. A large tattoo of a winged bird covered the Lolita Models man’s immense
back. He looked at the man’s cock, which seemed small but was still soft
but the man had large balls which hung low. Chet smiled to himself as he
checked the man’s nipples out, obviously they had never been worked a day
in his life. His loss Across from him Chet saw another hairy man but he was of Arab
decent. He was short, maybe five foot five and maybe one hundred and
eighty pounds. He was well muscled but not overly so. He was incredibly
hairy, and even had hair on his back. Chet decided that the man was furry
and not hairy. He even had a 3 day growth of facial hair. Chet longed to
have that man rub his stubble over his nipples. The man’s hair was curly
and longish. He stared right at Chet and as he did he saw the man’s cock
rise. Chet envied him. To be able to get a hardon was a gift he no longer
had. It took less than a minute for Chet to see that the man was nicely
hung, maybe 9 by 6. The man smiled at Chet and made his dick jump. There was a skinny black man Lolita Models
who seemed effeminate. Chet thought
he could easily be a woman. His legs were crossed and his long, thin arms
were folded in his lap. He seemed out of place among the other men.
Suddenly though, his legs parted and Lolita Models Chet saw his cock. It was soft but
had to be almost as large as the Arab man’s. Chet thought that he must
have a massive cock. The man on Chet’s right got most of Chet’s attention. He was the
man from the lobby when Chet had first come to Control. He was incredibly
handsome and gave off an air of confidence that Chet could literally feel
come off the man. His hair was dark but buzzed short and Chet remembered
that he had an air force uniform on when he had met the man. This man was
from the military and Chet wondered if any of the other men were in a
branch of the armed services. Lolita Models He was impressed with the man’s body. It
was tight and muscled, his six pack and lats rippled. He was perfectly
shaved and had only a happy trail of hair leading from his belly button to
his pubes. His cock looked thick and juicy, even flaccid. There was only
one other interesting fact, his bandaged arm. A large white bandage
covered his left bicep. Chet did not ask about it. The easiest way to describe the last man in their group was to say
he was a twink. He was smooth, probably 19 and hairless. He had a small,
tight body that had obviously had some use. His nipples pointed off his
chest nicely and he could even see the holes in the boy’s nipples where
piercings had been removed. He did not even have pubic hair. The boy
stared hard at each of the men, almost drooling and as he watched the kid
he saw the kid get hard. Funny, Chet thought to himself, hardons are contagious. The room was white and cold. He could see each of the men’s
nipples get hard. Chet’s dick jumped. The door to the room Lolita Models opened and Chet saw the man who had used him
when he arrived at Control. He was dressed in a tight t-shirt and sweat
pants bottoms. He wore no underwear and his massive cock hung down his
leg, semi-hard.
“Gentlemen,” he said, sitting on the desk. “My name is Mr. Mont
and I am your group leader.”
He looked at each of them.
“You are here to be trained for service to the United States of
America. Look around.”
Chet looked at each of the seated men.
“You will be very close by time this is over.”
As he said this he walked behind Chet.
He surprised Chet by suddenly gripping his nipples hard. Chet
stiffened in his seat as each of the men looked at him. `
“Do not move,” he heard Mr. Mont say.
Chet stayed in place while his nipples were manipulated. His head
went down and he went into slave mode accepting the use.
“This man has been used and well trained. As you can see he
responds to my touch without even thinking.”
Chet’s cock jumped and leaked.
“Each of you will be trained. Well trained. Some of you he said,
nodding to the military man to Chet’s right, will be tops. Other’s, he
said nodding to the thin black man, will be bitches. Lolita Models
But each of you will
do things like this . . ”
As he finished his sentence he gave Chet’s tits a rough pinch and
tug, digging his fingers into the tit flesh. Chet could hold back no
longer. Cum shot out of his cock with such a force that the first spot hit
Chet in his downward pointing face. The five subsequent spurts hit him on
the shoulders and chest. He could hear a couple of the other men in the
room gasp.
The man apparently satisfied with Chet’s performance walked away
back to his desk.
“Do not clean up,” the man said to Chet. Chet lifted his head as the cum dripped off him. As he looked up
each of the men were hard. The military man’s cock was a nice 8 inches and
thick. The black man’s cock had to be 10 and a half inches by 4, long and
thin. The bodybuilder had a normal cock maybe 6 inches if he was lucky.
The final man the Arab had been hard already and by this time a small pool
of precum lay on his stomach. As Chet looked at him he made his large cock
bounce again.
Mr. Mont continued.
“As you may have noticed it is essential that you get comfortable
being nude and having sex in all types of situations. For the time being,
no clothes will be worn unless you are told to do so by me.” He reached into the desk and took out a stack of papers, handing
one to each of the men.
“You will be trained like any agent of the United States
government. But, more than that, you will be trained in the ways of
pleasure and pain. This is to prepare you for the various undercover tasks
your government may give you.”
Chet looked down and reviewed the schedule he had been given.MWF morning wake up 4 am - noon Morning ride, forced workouts and brutality
Noon ^ 1 pm Lunch
1pm ^ 5 pm Classes ^ law (M), firearms (W) and combat
techniques (F)
5 pm ^ 7 pm Fuck class
7 pm ^ 8 pm Dinner
9 pm ^ 10 pm Basics of Social InteractionTu 7 pm - Gang bangsTh 5 am ^ noon Introduction to dungeons, toys and equipment
Noon ^ 1pm Lunch
1 pm ^ 7 pm Beginning and Advanced bondage
7 pm ^ 8 pm Dinner
9 pm ^ midnight Mental focus during hard use sessionsSat 24 hours beginning at 4 am BREAKDOWN/HAMCETSunday OFF The first thing that amazed Chet was the amount of time he would be
spending in training. Obviously, he would see Dean very little over the
next several months. Second he noticed some courses were normal, like
“law”, while others, like “HAMCET” he had no understanding of what the word
meant. “You are no longer people,” Mr. Mont said, “you are now property of
the government of the United States of America.” He said it firmly and
with authority. Chet believed him. He supposed it was better to be owned
by your country than Primbatu.
“It’s time to get started,” their teacher said, “Chet, come up on
the platform.”
Chet stood, all eyes upon him, and stepped up onto the raised
platform in the center of the room. Cum dripped off him and onto the floor
as he walked.
“Get on all fours.” Obediently, Chet did as he was told. His head went down. He was
submissive now, ready to be used. Craving it.
“Today is Tuesday, let’s gang bang him.”
Mont sat on the edge of his desk.
No one moved. Mont waited a minute before walking over to Chet and
lifting his head. He looked into Chet’s eyes.
“I have a present for you,” he told Chet, “we have another
Chet turned to look at the door.
“Oh, no. It’s not that easy here.”
With that Mont took a hood and put it on Chet. It easily slipped
over his head and buckled in several places in the back. Once it was
secured on Chet’s head, Mont snapped a blindfold onto the hood taking
Chet’s vision. Only his mouth was not blocked. His ears were blocked by
the hood and he could not hear well but he was able to hear Mont tell
someone to fuck him.
A cock entered his ass hard. Plunging into him and began to fuck. Mont stood and addressed the rest of the class as the man fucked
Chet. Chet could not hear and his mind was totally Lolita Models
on the man fucking him.
Wow, he was good. Perfect. He hit Chet’s prostate with each thrust in and
as he Lolita Models pulled back, he used his cock to rub his prostate even more. Chet
moaned and instinctively clenched his ass.
“This class is not about sex. It’s about trying to focus on your
job while being used in a variety of manners. The bottom here is well
trained but has no focus. We’re going to teach him some of that right
With that he returned to were Chet was being fucked. He picked up
Chet’s head and unsnapped the blindfold.
“Now tell me who is fucking you. You know him.”
Chet could not think. The man fucking his ass was expertly
manipulating him and when the man reached forward and twisted his tits,
Chet came instantly moaning.
Mont hit Chet on the head gently.
“Focus, bitch.” The man continued to pound Chet and twist his tits.
Chet tried to focus, tried to concentrate not on what the man was
doing to him but on the man’s technique. But, it was hard. He was used to
releasing and giving in and not maintaining control. Chet’s body
“No,” Mont said, “never give your rider a chance to know your
anything but submissive.”
Chet again relaxed.
“Good, now think. Where have you been fucked like this before?”
Again Chet tried to think. Tried to focus.
Who was this?
On it went, and soon he came again, cum blasting out of his cock.
He even heard Mont gasp.
“You are something else bitch.”
Chet moaned.
“You need to focus and think.” Chet couldn’t do it, he was giving up. It was a lost cause. What
Primbatu had done to him put him beyond the reach of any reason.
But, there was something gentle about the man something he suddenly
remembered. The way the man fucked him. It was rough but it was gentle
too. It wasn’t a grudge fuck. It was sex and the man fucking him was
making sure they both enjoyed it.
We’re here to save you.
Chet tightened his ass for the man.
“Clark,” he said.
He felt his hood being unbuckled and the dick pulled out of his
ass. Chet took a second to catch his breath then sat back on his knees and
looked behind him. Clark was there, a huge smile on his face.
“Why am I always showing up to save your ass?” he asked laughing.
Chet felt himself blush.
He was going to turn to hug Clark when he felt Mont push him back
down, into submissive position.
“I’m sorry to interrupt old fucking home week but your gang bang
has just begun.”
With that Mont pointed to the skinny black man.
“Show the bitch what you can do.” With that, the black man mounted his ass and slammed his cock into
Chet. At first it was good, nice. The cock was not that thick and his ass
was already lubed with Clark’s precum. But then the cock just continued to
come. It was in his ass and kept going. It was well over ten inches and
as the last of it was thrust into Chet’s ass he groaned.
“Wink fuck the bitch.”
The black guy did just that, pulling all the way out of Chet’s ass,
allowing his hole to close and then slamming back in.
Chet moaned, his head down. The black guy had no skill at all he
was just using his big cock to try to pummel Chet into submission.
Chet closed his eyes, into it, accepting the pain. Then he heard a
loud thump and he felt something drop in front of him. He opened his eyes
and saw a book.
Chet looked up at Mont.
Chet eyes widened.
“You need to focus. As your pounded today your going to focus and
read and study. At the end of the gang Lolita Models
bang Lolita Models I will quiz you and if you
fail I will kick your ass out of the program.”
Chet couldn’t believe it, he was supposed to get fucked as he was
studying for an exam.
Mont turned to the class of men.
“If he passes his test I will have all of you on fuck machines for
4 hours straight and well use 9 inch dildos.”
Suddenly the black guy rammed him harder.
“Fuuuuck,” Chet moaned.
“Chapters one and two,” Mont laughed.
As the black guy fucked him Chet began to read.
Five hours later Chet was taking his exam.
He moaned.
It had been a long gang bang. He could barely sit.
How many loads had he shot?
Seven? Ten?
How many loads had he taken?
Twelve? Fifteen?
He had satisfied each of his classmates. Even Clark, it had been
so nice to see him again.
But, now, no matter what, he would always feel submissive in Lolita Models front
of them. Most of his classmates were very happy to be done with him and
rushed out of class. Chet knew they were just afraid that they were next.
They had worked hard to fuck him brutally. It was all in an effort
to make him not read the book.
Chet used all his skills to try to read and retain what he was
reading but it was so hard to do that as Lolita Models the men pounded him like a whore.
The officer was the most brutal raping his ass and calling him names.
Cumslut. It was constant taunting as he had fucked Chet mercilessly. The
taunting had been designed to distract Chet. To make him listen to the
officer instead of reading.
By the end of the fuck both he and the officer were dripping sweat
and he had even called the officer Sir.
When the officer finally finished with him he pushed Chet to the
floor roughly.
“Whore.” He said to Chet.
Only Clark stayed behind.
“You alright?”
Chet nodded. He had been unable to talk. At one point he was
taking two dicks at once. One in each end.
Only Mont had not fucked him but when he looked up he saw that Mont
was hard and he could see a wet spot where the teacher’s cock was leaking
in his pants.
Clark kissed Chet on the forehead.
“I’m here if you need saving.”
Chet smiled.
It was nice to have someone around who had your back. He had to take his exam and took a minute to get himself together.
He went to the showers and quickly cleaned himself. Each shower had an
attachment to clean out and he shoved it deep in his ass moaning as the
warm water filled him.
After he cleaned and dried he went to the room Mont had told him to
meet him in.
As always he was nude.
The door said EXAM. Chet opened the door and walked in.
Mont stood by the desk.
Chet remembered his shock when he saw the desk.
The chair was a stool and the stool had a large metal butt plug
welded into it. He could see wires run from the stool into the floor.
When he sat on it the cold plug locked into his ass. He moaned.
At the bottom of the stool two metal bars stuck out at either end.
At the end of each bar was a cuff and Mont bent down and fasted Chet’s
ankles to each cuff. He saw a remote control in Mont’s hand and Mont used
the control to operate the cuffs. His legs were pulled wide and then they
were pulled off the floor and back behind him.
Cuffs were attached to each wrist and Chet looked at the cuffs and
saw each cuff had a chain leading from the cuff to a tit clamp. Mont
fastened the clamps to each of Chet’s meaty nips. He moaned as the clamps
bit into the flesh and his dick jumped in response.
Mont handed Chet a pen and as he grabbed it he felt his tit pull.
“One more thing,” Mont said.
He moved under Chet and put a tube over Chet’s cock. A hose ran
from the tube and into the wall. Mont flicked a switch and several things
happened. The tube on his cock began to pump and suck his cock. Lolita Models
course, it instantly caused Chet to cum. But, the machine continued,
milking him. Electric shocks flowed out of the butt plug and into his
body. He moaned.
“Better,” Mont said, “feel good, bitch?”
Chet moaned.
Mont put papers on the table in front of Chet.
“Time for the exam.”
Chet couldn’t believe it.
How was he supposed to take an exam like this?
As he took the paper his tits pulled. Chet understood how this
would work. Every time he wrote or moved the pen, or moved the paper, his
tits would yank and pull to distract him. In fact, everything was meant to
distract him, to make him fail the exam.
“You have one hour.”
And with that, Mont left the room.
Chet looked at the first question. What is mens rea? Fuck, Chet thought, who the hell cares.
The plug shocked him, the milker made him cum a second time and his
tits pulled as he moved the pen. Chet forced himself to concentrate.
This wasn’t about sex or pain or reading or taking a test. It was
about not being distracted. It was about being able to work and focus
while they were doing things to you.
He looked at the question. What is mens rea? Chet thought again and remembered that moment as Clark has shoved
into him. His head had gone down and he had looked at the book. Mont had
even opened it to the very page he had needed. He remembered now.
Chet wrote and his tits pulled with each move of the pen.
One question down nine to go. Chet was encouraged now. The faster he answered the faster it was
over and he moved through the rest of the questions in under ten minutes.
Chet gasped as everything stopped. The milker had taken 3 loads in
just over ten minutes. He hated that he could be manipulated that way. Mont reentered the room and disconnected Chet.
He picked up the paper reviewing Chet’s answers as Chet pulled
himself off the plug gasping.
“You passed.”
Chet smiled.
He thought about everyone else in the class including Clark having
to ride the fuck machine. He didn’t want that for them but understood it
was part of the class.
“Go to the dorm room and get some rest.”
Chet began to leave but Mont shocked him by grabbing him by the
“Hey,” Mont said, “one more thing.”
Chet turned and looked at Mont. He had green eyes and they seemed
to see right through Chet.
“Yes, Sir”
“You did good today,” Mont said, grabbing Chet’s large tricep.
“You’re going to do great and this is going to be really good for you.”
Chet smiled. He fought back tears.
“Thanks,” he said, leaving quickly. He went to the dorm and lay in the bunk that had been set up for
him. He was alone in the room.
Chet smiled.
He was a part of something. He had Lolita Models a purpose.
“Don’t worry Austin,” he said, “I’m going to pass this course, find
you and rescue you.”
With that he fell asleep. As always, he dreamed of Primbatu. He
was in chains and Primbatu said I knew you’d come.
Now your mine forever. The Vice-President hung in the chains.
Where was he?
How long had he been here?
He needed a drink so bad.
They had given him drugs and they were working.
Fight it.
The door opened with a hiss and he saw himself enter the room.
“Let me go,” he ordered himself. He tried to sound like he had
He saw himself laugh.
The saw himself reach forward and he felt his mirror image pet
himself on the head.
“Project Ramrod,” he said, “tell me what the password is.”
The Vice-President laughed. Of all the things they could ask this
was it?
He had codes in his head that could launch nukes.
They wanted Ramrod?
“I can’t tell you.”
He saw the other Vice-President reach into his suit pocket and take
out a needle. He felt it get shoved into his neck and instantly his head
began to swim. He couldn’t Lolita Models focus. He saw shapes in his vision.
“This is going to get really bad.”
He moaned.
“What is the password?”
“I am the Vice-President of the United States.”
The man who looked at him slapped him.
“No, the man said. Actually, I’m the Vice President.” Now it was the tied man’s turn to laugh.
“You’re a pretender,” he mumbled, the drugs working, “and you’re
stupid. You locked me up in a room in Lolita Models the Pentagon. You can’t move me.
You can’t get the information out of me. And one day, probably sooner than
later, you’ll make a mistake and they’ll catch you.”
The other Vice-President slapped him again.
Blood dripped from his cut lip.
“WHAT IS THE FUCKING PASSWORD” Again, the chained man laughed.
He punched himself three times and then left mumbling.
The drugs were working but the Vice-President was thankful that he
had got the other version of himself to leave.
But, he knew the imposter would be back.
And, when that man came back, it would be worse than ever.
He had to be tough.
He was actually in one of the most secure locations in the United
States. They had to figure it out. They would come for him and they would
save him.
The fake Vice-President stormed down the hall.
He was so mad.
He had to get the information out of that man before the vote in
October. He had a lot of time but it would go fast. Besides, he only had
limited chances to sneak into the room to interrogate his prisoner.
Fuck, he was so mad.
He needed to fuck Lolita Models
something, to take his aggressions out on
He knew just who that person was.
That kid he had met having dinner with the President and his son.
Chet Pectoral.
Yeah, that was a good bitch to fuck and he even knew where he was.
He was in training and easy to get to.
He felt better now.
He’d rape the whore Chet Pectoral and then he would go back Lolita Models and
finish what he had started with the prisoner. It would all work out fine
and the Light would reward him.
To be continued.
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